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Royal Caribbean Cruise Line once started in the 1970’s by building the first new ships for Caribbean cruising. They have continued that heritage, and have for the past two decades been building the world’s largest cruise ships. It seems every time one thinks a cruise ship cannot possibly get any bigger, Royal Caribbean wants to prove that they can build an even bigger and better one.

So what is it that Royal Caribbean does to be so popular? In the beginning they were only known for having the most modern ships, having the best service, and going to the most popular Caribbean ports. From that basic concept of cruising, Royal Caribbean cruise ships have evolved into being their own destinations.

Around the millennium came the revolutionary Voyager class of cruise ships. Suddenly cruise ships had not just atriums, but four story gallerias running the length of the ship, with shops, bars and cafés lining the lower level of the “Royal Promenade” as the galleria became known. But that was not all. On the higher levels of the Royal Promenade there were now cabins with windows facing the galleria! The Voyager class ships also introduced the first rock-climbing walls and full mini golf courts on cruise ships.

The Freedom and Oasis classes were further evolutions of the Voyager class, with more new ideas of what cruising can be about. The Freedom class cruise ships introduced things such as live surfing on the top deck of the ships. The Oasis class took on the entire idea of the galleria, and brought that concept to the next level. On the Oasis class ships there is one indoor galleria, and then the same idea continues outdoors on the higher decks. The result is a ship that is really two ships. There are balcony cabins with oceanview along the sides of the ship, but there are now almost as many balcony cabins with an inner courtyard view! Those in the aft part of the ship have a view of the Boardwalk, and those in the forward part have a view of Central Park, a real park with live trees and plants.

Being an international cruise line, Royal Caribbean decided they also needed some cruise ships for those experienced cruise passengers who prefer more leisurely cruises than found on the larger Royal Caribbean ships. This is where the beautiful ships of the Radiance class came in. You will find Radiance class ships cruising the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Alaska in the summer, with all the quality and service one has come to expect from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Dining on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line can be Traditional Dining, “My Time” Dining, or dining on one of the specialty restaurants. The preferred type of dining is selected at time of booking, subject to availability.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s production shows in the showlounges are perhaps the best Broadway spectacles you will find on any cruise ships anywhere. World class performers from countries all over the world star in a wide range of shows, from contemporary stage productions and Las Vegas style shows, to headline musical acts and comedy shows. In addition to a different main show each evening, you can enjoy the rhytm of the night with live music in Royal Caribbean’s many colorful and exciting bars and lounges.

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