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Azamara Club Cruises

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Azamara Club Cruises is a deluxe cruise line, offering a more high-end product than the megaship lines, but not meant to be an all-out luxury line — and for cruisers, that’s a good thing, since with Azamara you get a lot of near-luxury amenities without paying the full luxury price. The “Club” in its name is meant to suggest “country club”, and that really is the kind of feeling you get on board. Azamara Club Cruises tends to attract adult guests, from their mid-40s on up.

Azamara’s two ships, Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest, are beautifully designed mid-size vessels carrying less than 700 passengers and about 400 crew — a passenger to staff ratio that’s higher than you’ll find at any of the mainstream and premium cruise lines, and similar to what you find on the luxury ships.

Service is definitely one of Azamara’s high points. And like the luxury lines, Azamara includes staff gratuities in their cruise prices, so you don’t ever have to think about tipping.

Other areas which make Azamara unique include: – The late evening departures and overnight stays at many of their port calls, which let you experience the ports’ culture and nightlife – The itineraries, which tend to visit more out-of-the-way ports – The complimentary house wines served with lunch and dinner, and free specialty coffees, soda, and bottled water available anytime.

Dining service is always casual and relaxed: You can either show up when you like for dinner at the main restaurant or casual restaurant, or make a reservation for the specialty restaurants, which offer great ocean views from almost every table.

Onboard, the cruise line offers a solid mix of activities. Please see our Azamara microsite for more information.

These ships are not for families with children, since Azamara doesn’t offer any kind of kids’ activities at all. And they’re not for smokers either, since Azamara has one of the strictest no-smoking policies at sea — which, of course, is a plus for non-smokers.

Azamara is a sister-line to Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

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